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When you become a permanent resident of Canada, you are entitled to most of the same rights and privileges as a Canadian citizen.

Safety and a sense of security is one of the major benefits and it inspires many people to reside in the country, the state government itself ensures a rather high level of safety for those who make Canada their home. Citizens and residents follow rule of law and that makes Canada an ideal destination for prospective immigrants from world over.
1. Canada offers permanent residence programs for everybody: Skilled, entrepreneurs and investors. So one need not get discouraged if he is not qualified in one particular category. A careful search and contact with an experienced immigration advisor will make the task of choosing the right immigration category in which to apply for Canada permanent residence visa application.

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2. Another benefit of immigration to Canada is its amazing and developed social help system; it organizes various courses for those who have lost their job and want to start afresh in a newer field. The same also helps the aspirants in choosing and gaining a well-paying job quite quickly.

3. Canada offers excellent medical healthcare benefits to its citizens and residents. World-class free schooling and highly subsidized university education, not to talk about loans and bursaries available for meritorious students, makes it one of the most sought after destinations for people seeking overseas permanent residence options.

4. If circumstances make one unemployed, the social security benefits support the affected Canadian residents and citizens. As one grows older, Canadian government ensures peace of mind by offering retirement and pension benefits to its senior citizens.

5. Canada is an economically and politically stable nation even while the flow of wealth makes certain that the individuals get fairly handsome wages for their labor. That the same is very rewarding as stable income enables individuals to get pleasure from a happy life cannot be refuted.

6. Canada is a multi-cultural migration destination. Despite this, peace &harmony exist, and foreign people, eager to launch a business at their own endeavor, are assisted whole-heartedly.

7. Since the nation is self-governing, the immigrants as well as the residents play a key part in its economic and social life. Businessmen and trained experts are greeted with many rewarding opportunities to take their career to the next level, and shine on the world map.

8. Canada is the second largest country in the world and has wealth of natural resources. Aerospace, IT, Tourism, Real estate, Hospitality, infrastructure and Automobile manufacturing industries provide abundance of business, investment and employment opportunities to prospective immigrants.

9. Overall, Canada is a quiet and safe destination to settle in, and the procedure of immigration is though a bit complex yet is as fair as one generally gets to expects.

10. With the Canada PR Visa rights, the holder would be in a position to make the nation a settlement/ business base, and in the process, get pleasure from the benefits of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) as well. The same will assist in boosting the business interests across the entire North America, and this in turn, becomes probable only because of Canada Permanent Resident Visa and in due course the citizenship.

11. A skilled professional Immigrant to Canada, after becoming Canadian citizen can take advantage of working in USA under flexible TN visa status.

12. The housing and life’s other amenities are available at highly affordable interest rates from banking and financial system for permanent residents and citizens.

13. Businessmen and investors would have the liberty to utilize the Canadian financial and banking system and make its use further for the expansion of their worldwide business interests, and this covers the present business.

14. With time and after becoming a citizen, the residence holder gets a Canadian passport – a highly prized and respected travel document across the world. One does not need a visit visa to enter majority of developed and developing world and in most countries the holder of Canadian passport gets visa on arrival. In EU and G-8 countries, one can enter and stay in these countries for a limited period without taking any specific visa permission.

15. The principal applicant can make spouse and children up to 19 years part of his immigration application. As regards his parents, he can sponsor them for Canada permanent residence visa or a Canada super-visa.

As a permanent resident, you have numerous other benefits too

• You are entitled to equal treatment and equal protection.

• You are entitled to certain legal rights, such as to be presumed innocent until proven guilty

• To be provided with an interpreter in the courtroom, if necessary to have a lawyer

• You have the right to enter and exit Canada as you see fit, plus you can move freely from province to province.

• You can work and study anywhere you choose in Canada.

16. Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) – For families with children under the age of 18 who are considered to have a low-income, the Canadian government provides monthly tax-free payments to help cover expenses.

17.Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, and Canada Pension Plan – All three of these programs are designed to provide financial support to people after they reach retirement age – currently retirement age is 65. To be eligible, you have to meet specific residency requirements and to have contributed to the system by paying taxes in Canada. Most permanent residents will qualify for payments from these programs.

18. Universal health care – Most necessary medical expenses are covered through the Canadian universal health care program. These expenses include visits to emergency room, immunizations, yearly exams, etc.

19. Free education – All children under 18 are entitled to a free education in the Canadian public school system.

20. Maternity and parental leave – In Canada, working parents are given time off when a new baby is born or adopted. Women can take up to 12 months of maternity leave and receive 50 to 65% of their normal income. Partially paid parental leave is also available for up to 35 weeks. One parent can take all 35 weeks or both parents can split the allotment of time (i. e. one parent takes 20 weeks while the other takes 15 weeks).

22. Additionally, being a permanent resident gives you the opportunity to become a Canadian citizen after only four years of living and working in Canada.

23. Once you become a citizen, you can run for political office, become involved in political activities, and vote in elections. You can also maintain

duel-citizenship, so you don't have to give up citizenship in your home country just to enjoy the benefits of Canadian citizenship. If you are an Indian you can apply for overseas citizen card too.

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